Sushi menu

Sushi menu

Sushi is a food that has been known as a healthy food because it contain little calories but rich in omega-3 fatty acids that increase the life expectancy of consumers. However, recent studies have shown, eating sushi regularly will make the body more exposed to mercury increases the risk of heart disease.

According to the study, raw fish potentially harmful to health because of the high content of mercury in some fish species. Mercury is a pollutant toxic to the nervous system if it accumulates in significant amounts. Mercury in fast food absorbed in the human body which makes vulnerable to its effects.

Fish is said to have low mercury if the ingredient is less than 0.29 parts per million (ppm), while said to be high if it implies more than 0.3 ppm. Large fish such as large tuna, swordfish, shark, or mackerel are known to have high levels of mercury because they also eat smaller fish that are contaminated.


According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, mercury fish consumption on human impact on fertility and blood pressure. Moreover, it also causes dementia, tremors (shaking), blindness, and numbness in the fingers. Increased mercury exposure also increases the risk of heart disease.

The team of researchers from Rutgers University analyzed total mercury intake of more than 1,200 people who were young or old. Afterwards, they calculated the statistical risk.

Participants high in calories mostly participants who eat sushi, either from the restaurant, sushi shops, and supermarkets. They were further asked about the number of sushi eaten per month, types of sushi are eaten, and other matters relating to their sushi consumption.

Researchers found that most participants believed that eating sushi will give them longevity because the Japanese people are generally more longevity. Participants also do not trust the content of mercury in sushi is high enough to endanger their health.


According to a study by experts from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the high mercury levels were associated with cardiovascular disease through the activation of enzymes that lead to blockage of the blood vessel wall. The blockage could potentially increase the phosphoric acid that can damage the cells of blood vessels thus increasing the risk of heart disease.

“In addition to the positive impact of omega-3 fatty acids it contains, mercury contamination in fish in sushi as well as the negative impact of low levels of” good “cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even premature birth,” the researchers wrote.


Institute for Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) recommends that adults eat not more than two servings of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids each week. However, women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy should limit intake given the high levels of mercury that may be.



Residents take a walk and look around a ship be dragged into mainland near the town of Tacloban due to typhoons  haiyan. picture: Noel Celis / AFP

Residents take a walk and look around a ship be dragged into mainland near the town of Tacloban due to typhoons haiyan.
picture: Noel Celis / AFP

The UN is still trying to gather more international support to build places of displacement and provide temporary jobs for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. This was conveyed by a senior UN, Friday (29/11/2013) to AFP.

“Providing shelter and rebuilding lives is a top priority,” said UN humanitarian coordinator, Luiza Carvalho.

“A lot of people needed help after the disaster and we ask for assistance to help residents be back standing on their feet. Families in need of security, shelter, and to be able to live a decent job,” added Carvalho.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the local office of the United Nations, Orla Fagan, said the new donor so far collected 164 million dollars, or less than half of the UN target of 301 million U.S. dollars.

“Haiyan destroy the lives of 14 million people and 1.1 million homes in an area of ​​Portugal. So 10 dollars per head, it would not be enough,” said Fagan.

Disaster management agencies of the UN will launch a request for assistance again in mid-December.

“At that time, there has been a strategic action plan for the next 12 months that will be applied with the Philippine government’s efforts,” said Fagan.

According to the calculation of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as many as 5.6 million lost their livelihood, most lost all their livelihood. “Most of them are fishermen and farmers. Approximately 1 million people are drivers, domestic workers, and security guards,” said Simon Hills of the ILO.


Hills added, the ILO and the Ministry of Manpower Philippines already provide temporary employment for 17,000 people who clean the disaster debris, building temporary shelters, and build dams to prevent flooding. While the farmers need assistance in the form of seeds, fertilizer, and farm equipment so that they can grow rice and not starve next year.

According to data from the Philippine government, Haiyan typhoon killed at least 5,598 people and 1,759 people remain missing. Most of the victims were from the island of Samar and Leyte.


Ahmad Afif bring challenges to the Indonesian nation picture:

Ahmad Afif bring challenges to the Indonesian nation

Overall Champion CP115 AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Petronas, Ahmad Afif Amran led the contingent of Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia at the 10th edition of the rival Yamaha Asean Cup Championship (YACR) in Manado, Indonesia, from today until December 1.

Afif plays in Jupiter 115cc category with four riders of Abdul Muhaimin Roslan, Tengku Amirul Haffiruddin, Mohd Adib Rosley and champion of the Super Cup Series manufacturer Yamaha 135 Petronas, Mohd Azam Omar.

For Afif, he did not have high expectations even though the category in which it participates equal to CP115 Championship and ARRC Underbone 115cc category, but this time the machinery used is different and quite alien in Malaysia.


“Jupiter Machinery is actually different with Yamaha legends used in the Cub Prix races because Jupiter machinery uses fuel injection system completely, type of machine is still new in Malaysia, and is said to be faster. Without any experience using this machine, as well as the crew, I can only expect to be able to achieve the best results and a bonus if it can be on the podium,” said Afif.

Meanwhile, team manager, Melvin Tan said: “The whole crew and riders have to quickly adapt to the machine. They should use the first day of free practice session to understand and get the best adjustment. ”

Apart from Malaysia, also joined the championship YACR is the team from Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan and the host, Indonesia.


Malaysia’s economy is among the most robust in the region, with domestic demand being the main growth driver in the middle of the  strong government spending .

Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist AMP Capital , Shane Oliver said this would ensure that the economy will continue to be among the most dynamic in the region.

“I have a very high rate of Malaysia . Though there are great opportunities in Indonesia and Thailand , Malaysia will always stand out in terms of countries to act in concert in developing countries,” he told ABC News in an interview recently .

Oliver said a favorable investment environment has supported the development of a strong economy.

” One thing you see about Malaysia is the will to succeed and we have seen this for 20 years now .

” You can argue politics and all things like usually the Westerners do but what is important is that the government seems to have run a very good job in attracting investment and provide a favorable environment for companies to come and invest and sustain growth, ” said Oliver.

He said Malaysia’s relatively strong economic growth is expected around 4.5 percent this year. Oliver said household credit bubble not to be seen as a major risk.

“My view is that if the debt continues to rise then yes it would be a concern. We are starting from a relatively low base, and I think the odds are still far to go before we are too concerned with household debt in Malaysia,” he said.

For the goods and services tax (GST), Oliver said: “I think there’s a good chance it will be implemented. Government towards this direction as GST, although not as wide as expected by economists, it is still good in terms of tax take in income but did not cause the economic hereton as can be brought by the personal income tax and corporate tax.

GST will replace the various complex systems sales and service tax now and its benefits become more efficient and expand the tax base is expected to offset the decline in oil revenues, he said.


Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Telecom Malaysia Bhd (TM) will buy GTC Global Sdn Bhd (GTC) at RM45 million from Gapurna Global Solutions Sdn Bhd (GGS), a subsidiary of Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, TM said the proposed purchase would complement its core competencies and enhance the ability of the group in the information and communication technology to provide better service to its customers, especially in enterprise and government segments.

TM signed a conditional Share Sale Agreement with GGS today, to purchase the entire equity interest held by the GTC, a provider of integrated security surveillance system, in cash.

It said the proposed acquisition expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 will be financed through internally generated funds.

“The acquisition will not have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital and substantial shareholders’ shareholding of TM,” said TM.


‘Selfie’ is the best word for 2013, an official said in London. This is due to the use of the word is reaching more than 17,000 percent over the past 12 months, according to the Oxford Dictionaries that publish ‘Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

Selfie mean self taken pictures using a mobile phone or webcam and uploaded to the website. In 2013, this word limelight after been many times by social media users.

Oxford Dictionaries Editorial Director, Judy Pearsall said their language research program has collects 150 million words been used per month. “We can see the use of the word ‘selfie’ increased during this year and help to be the selected word in 2013,” he said to AFP.

Time for a selfie: Lisa Surihani (seen here with husband Yusry Abdul Halim) is Malaysia’s Internet queen with 1.6 million Twitter followers. Lisa Surihani and her husband is one of the popular artists who often uploaded selfie pictures. picture:

Time for a selfie: Lisa Surihani (seen here with husband Yusry Abdul Halim) is Malaysia’s Internet queen with 1.6 million Twitter followers. Lisa Surihani and her husband is one of the popular artists who often uploaded selfie pictures.

The earliest use of the word ‘selfie’ has been detected in Australia in a forum in September 2002.

Pearsall said: “Social media sites help popularize the word ‘hashtag selfie’ (# selfie) that appeared on Flickr as early as 2004 but it was only widespread in 2012 when the media widely use it.

Other words in the word list for this year is ‘bedroom tax’ (referring to the British welfare policy changes); ‘binge-watch’ (meaning to watch some television episodes at once); Bitcoin (digital currency); olinguito (mammals in South America language ; schmeat (synthetic meat) and showrooming (watch attractions in online stores) and twerk.

“Twerk was mentioned in early 1990s that refers to the music scene in New Orleans,” said Oxford Dictionaries.



Picture is for representative purpose only picture:

Picture is for representative purpose only

A Malaysian Muslim woman claims as defamation toward an accusation that she is profess to Christianity as stated in an article that is widespread in the social networking site.

Adila Hussin McGhee, 43, said: “I am still a Muslim, I still believe in  Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. I know what is good and bad in religion. Don’t believe the defamatory.”

The news of apostasy about this women who graduated from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) from Ipoh, is being swizzle when an article published by a women voluntary organizations associated with the church in the United States (U.S.).

The article mentions that she willing to share “stories from heart to heart” of how she profess to Christianity while in still Malaysia after her first marriage failed.


Adila like doing charity work in the area where she lived, moved to Virginia after being married for a second time with a U.S. citizen and now lives in a small town in the county of Richmond.

When contacted by Bernama from New York, a former student of Kolej Islam Klang (KIK), Selangor denied that she had embraced Christianity.

“I’m very sad because my name has been used and it is a lie about myself, I never met or been interviewed by the authors of this article. Even when I explaining about Malaysia, it was attended by a group of women, “said Adila who now teaching at the Diplomat Malay Language Center in Washington DC.

Adila been labeled as apostate by some Malaysians who ‘be enticed’ by the content of the article.

“I’m sad and don’t know who to complain to about this, everyone has believing defamation that they hear, without checking. “I have explained the truth to my both parents, and was worried that this could cause my children to be ostracized,” says Adila who has three children from her first marriage.


He said his charitable work already be misconstrued. “I also make handmade soap business and I need to expand the market to sell my soap. So I went to the district office near where I live and they introduced me to an officer to market my product, “she said.

She had a stall on the harvest festival in the small town, Bowling Green and the stalls located at a gym in the church. From there she got to know the locals who then invited her to give a talk to a women’s organization that would like to know about Malaysia.

“I was giving a talk on the history of Malaysia before and after independence, geography, climate, economy, population, food, culture, religion and others. I was shocked that many of them do not know where is Malaysia. They just know that Malaysia is an Islamic country. In addition to introducing our homeland to them, I also explain how Malaysian women to succeed in life and hold various high positions in all levels and can drive,” she said.

Adila and her husband, F McGhee has already contacted the management of the church that invited her to talk about Malaysia, to discuss about the article writing and wanted the management to do something to clear her name.


Adila is also claiming that the pictures on her Facebook page, including a picture when she was a student at the KIK also has been downloaded and disseminated in other social sites.

She also been disturbed by the various accusations by e-mail, text and phone calls.

“I also regret that the names of some of my friends during the KIK is also implicated in the accusations, though they don’t know anything,” said Adila.


Survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan are given medical attention after disembarking from a Philippine Air Force military cargo plane in Manila on November 26, 2013 picture: AFP/AFP

Survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan are given medical attention after disembarking from a Philippine Air Force military cargo plane in Manila on November 26, 2013
picture: AFP/AFP

A program of vaccinating were launched involving Filipinos in the area affected by the Typhoon Haiyan. It seeks to protect children from measles and polio, said the United Nations Agency to AFP yesterday.

The campaign started this week with 30,000 children vaccinated in the city of Tacloban. The city is one of the worst affected areas after Haiyan killed thousands of lives almost three weeks ago, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Tacloban Children need all the protection that can be given now, according to UNICEF’s emergency coordinator, Angela Kearney in a joint statement.


Diseases is a silent predator, but we know how to stop it and we will do whatever is capable of. Filipino captain WHO immunization program, Sigrun Roesel said sometimes crowded conditions and without sanitation in evacuation centers has the potential to become a breeding ground for disease.

Measles is a dangerous disease to the child because the victim can be attacked by pneumonia and die from it, especially if they are suffering from malnutrition, Roesel said.

He said measles virus is a major concern because it can be moved easily through coughs and flu. Roesel said the Philippines has the last polio case in 1993.

“But Filipinos do a lot of international travelling and so there is a special effort to protect against its possible reintroduction,” she said.

The UN said the vaccination programme could aim to reach 500,000 children, which covers dozens of ruined towns especially in two of the poorest town in the country, Leyte and Samar islands.


David Moyes picture:  AP/Jon Super

David Moyes
picture: AP/Jon Super

Now the face of Manchester United manager, David Moyes could be beaming after his club’s beat Bayer Leverkusen 0-5 at the Bay Arena, Thursday, November 28, 2013. The Scottish manager revealed the victory was the best performance by Red Devils during handled by him.

“We were not dream to make five goals, much less this is done in home in an opponent. So, this is very special,” he said. According Moyws, there are a lot of good player, but the result in Germany is the best. Leverkusen is a well-respected club. The club is now in second position at the bottom of the Bundesliga Bayern Munich.

The fantastic victory over Leverkusen became a release burden to Moyes during he handle MU. Because, the performance of MU during under his handling is not always consistent. Before this, MU  failed to maintain the trend of victory after draw 2-2 draw at Cardiff City.

Moyes hopes a win over Leverkusen could became spirit burner to Wayne Rooney and friends. “Peformance like this is expected to be maintained, there are signs that we will became more better,” said the former Everton manager.

In addition, Moyes can now be proud to say he is worthy to replace Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Slowly, he said, MU will come back became a respected team under his direction. “Maybe, I do have to say so,” said Moyes.

Top of this landslide victory, Manchester United successfully won a ticket to the last 16 of the Champions League. In the last match of Group A, Manchester United will face Shakhtar Donetsk at Old Trafford.

The composition of players:

Bayer Leverkusen:
Leno; Spahic, Omer Toprak, Donati, Reinartz (Hegeler 70’); Rolfes, Bender (Kohr 81’), Can; Castro, Son (Derdiyok 70’), Kiessling.

Manchester United:
De Gea, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra (Buttner 70’), Giggs, Jones, Valencia (Young 79’), Kagawa, Nani, Rooney (Anderson 80’).


U.S. President Obama is welcomed to Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah in Riyadh picture: REUTERS

U.S. President Obama is welcomed to Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah in Riyadh
picture: REUTERS

U.S. President, Barack Obama called Saudi King Abdullah on Wednesday (27/11) evening, to discuss the latest developments in the Middle East, says a report. It happened a few days after world powerful country reach a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Important agreement with Iran, which would curb the most of Iran’s nuclear program in return for some easing of international sanctions, received a cautious welcome from Riyadh, who fear Tehran’s regional ambitions.

Obama and the Saudi king discuss “bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, developments in the region, and issues of mutual interest,” said the Saudi-owned news agency, SPA.

Saudi-US relations became strained linked to the displeasure of Riyadh with Washington’s policy toward Syria and Iran. The Saudi Arabian government that profess Sunni Islam has been involved in a long battle with Shiite that dominated the Iran.

When respond to an agreement between the powerful countries with Iran on Sunday, the Saudi government said it could mark the first step towards a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear program, “if there is good faith”.